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ECPA-CZ is in contractual relation with theDepartment of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University in terms of sharing workplace premises and mutual cooperation regarding the use of technical equipment and cadavers for training purposes.

The centre coordinators are experienced in organising professional courses within the Czech Republic, and they also draw upon the experience from similar foreign courses, which is a significant asset not only to medical students but mainly it enables them to share their experience and practical skills from outstanding specialists in particular branches with broader medical community..

We are ECPA

The educational centre offers the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills (without causing iatrogenic damage to the human organism) to improve the quality of professional medical work.
Our courses

Anatomický ústav LF MU v Brně
Kamenice 3

Prof. MUDr. Igor Čižmář, Ph.D.
project coordinator

Anatomický ústav LF MU
Kamenice 3, Brno

+420 777 050 151

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