About us

Most fields of human medicine nowadays use invasive examination or curative procedures in the spectrum of their activities. Pre-clinic experience in a given problem as well as precise knowledge and orientation in the intervention zone of a human body is essential for these fields of invasive medicine. The educational centre provides the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills (without the danger of the occurrence of iatrogenic damage to a human organism) and thus it allows enhancing the quality of specialized health care. The conservative methods, which we implemented together with the Department Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno (FM MU), enable realistic depiction of a human body’s tissues and structures; moreover, they preserve plasticity and pattern of tissues of fixed bodies.

The method provides an excellent opportunity of a broad use of cadavers for a practical training of medical operations, and it has been verified in practice in a number of medical branches. Manipulation and examination techniques are applicable to clinical practice including intra-arthral and ventricular operations or diagnostic examinations (e.g. basic operational procedures, osteosynthesis, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, rehabilitative techniques, etc.). Another valuable asset is the opportunity to imitate operational procedures that have not been carried out in clinical practice so far due to their technical difficulty. After mastering a given technique, such a method thereby pushes the borders of medicine forward.

Our mission

The principle mission of ECPA is to provide surgical education of medical specialists via organised specialised courses of practical anatomy focused on theoretical and hands-on training in individual medical branches for home and foreign applicants. Our workshops take place in the anatomy lab of Department of Anatomy center which provides technical equipment and cadavers for training purposes.
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